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Welcome To Trust For Community Development

Trust for community development (TCD)established in 1999 and registered as CBO in 2006, initially from social welfare act, expansion of its work at national level (TCD) got registered under society act 1860, with registration number (1216/2008), directorate of industries and commerce, Quetta, Pakistan with idea to empower and encourage community people for decision making in all field of life, youth development, social justice, gender equality, capacity building, poverty alleviation, rural development, services to the all remote areas of Pakistan… Read More

Our Vision

A world, where everyone enjoys fundamental rights and human development to lead a life of dignity and honor without discrimination on the basis of creed, race, ethnicity, language, and gender.

Our Mission

Promote effective partnership among organizations and individuals through dialogues, exchange of views, resources, and experiences sharing and efforts to strive for eradicating of discrimination practices against race, religion, languages, sets, and ethnicity.


The organization shall be non-political and non-sectarian. Trusty organization run by the board of governors. It can get affiliated with other welfare organization registered under the directorate of industries & commerce Quetta, Pakistan (Registration and control ordinance Act, 1860)


Our Focus

1- To promote better understanding of the social issues and problems.

2- To initiate awareness campaigns in order to highlight social problems in the society.

3- To create self-reliance among people so they can be part of the mainstream society.

4- Providing health facilities, mother & child care, awarness rasing about antenatal & post natal amoung women.

5- To struggle for the rights of men, women and the youth within the communities.

6- Apart from awareness, to promote sports activities, ideas, partnership, creativity and innovation among the youth.

7- To work with the local and international social welfare organizations on promoting basic education, reproductive health, women development and poverty alleviation.

8- To work for the rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities and drug abuse/addiction victims.

9- To create awareness among people about the safety procedures and codes for disaster management and about a safe and healthy environment.

10- To work for agricultural development, and a better system of clean drinking water and effective water drainage systems.

11- To help the marginalized and neglected people of the society to become active members of society by improving their abilities and potential.

12- To organize people; work for social welfare, peace and create awareness among masses.

13- To struggle for the rights and equality of the religious minorities.

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