Mushtaq Ahmed Baloch


It brings me great pleasure to note that we founded Trust for Community Development Pak (TCD) in 1999 and registered as a CBO in 2006, beginning with the social welfare legislation and expanding our work at the national level. TCD was established under the Societies Act of 1860, with registration number (1216/2008) by the Directorate of Industries and Commerce, with the goal of empowering and encouraging community members to make decisions in all aspects of life. TCD upheld its traditions and extended out to underserved areas, where everyone enjoys essential rights and human development in order to live a life of dignity and honour without discrimination based on creed, colour, ethnicity, language, or gender. Our selfless team of volunteers was recognised for remarkable efforts in social service throughout Pakistan. 

TCD Pakistan made an outstanding contribution to the society’s correct acknowledgement of community development. TCD Pakistan, in addition to successfully operating in several sectors of life, opened a much-needed state-of-the-art in every aspect of life for their community. In terms of health and cleanliness, education, good drinking water, and the distribution of free grocery items, iftar foods, and Eid gifts to orphans and poverty stricken families. TCD also spread awareness about antenatal and postnatal health care, sports culture and literature, art music film and entertainment, healthy environment, skill development, natural disaster & emergency relief, agriculture development and restoration, physically ill or disabled people, and drug effected people.

TCD has expanded its network throughout the country. TCD has made many more dreams come true by giving the required financial assistance, and our Community Services programme has also demonstrated great efforts to help the poor and minorities live better lives.

The generosity of our funders, well-wishers, volunteers, and partner organisation was likewise unrivalled. They showed complete faith and confidence in our team’s talents and indicated a desire in providing us with the resources we need to accomplish our aspirations of providing services to mankind with integrity. We anticipate similar support and encouragement in 2020 for the implementation of labor humanitarian aid initiatives.

Appeal Message of Donation

Peace Greetings from Trust for Community Development-TCD!

We are pleased to introduced ‘Trust for Community Development-TCD’, registered as non-profit entity in Pakistan since year of 2008, under Societies Registration Act 1860, with envisions to create democratic, just, educated, healthy, prosperous, peaceful, equitable and inclusive society where all citizens, especially children, youth, women, person with disabilities, transgender and religious minorities will lived with equal protection of law, self-respect, dignity and access to social justice. TCD’s mission is for empowering community through developing social institutions, improving health, promoting education and alleviating poverty.

TCD’s has started their formal journey in the year of 2006 at District Punjgur of Balochistan Province with the team of community based volunteers by conducting awareness raising sessions on health and hygiene with the community people. Over the passage of time, TCD’s with the team of hardworking, dedicated community based volunteers which exist in all provinces of Pakistan including Gilgit Baltistan has emerged as a community development organization through their successful awareness raising programs on WASH, women and child healthcare, education and livelihood.

We feel honored to shared that TCD’s is one of the few organizations in Pakistan those are the early disaster responders in terms to start relief and rehabilitation works (through their team of dedicated volunteers) for the victims of devastating earthquake and flood occurred in Pakistan in the year of 2005 and 2010, respectively.

We have been very happy to say that since TCD came into being, since then, it has been a special blessing of Almighty Allah on TCD that the distribution of Sheri and Iftar in the Holy month of Ramadan as well as distribution of Eid gifts to poor and needy families including orphans and homeless children has been TCD’s annual program. Last year TCDs has distributed 3000 Sehri and Ifftar boxes to the poor and needy people and 1500 Eid Gifts to poor and needy families, orphans and homeless children with the support of some local, national and international philanthropist with intent to reach out to the most underprivileged segment of our society and directly engage with them and show them our support by distributing the basic food items and products.

Now, as the devastation of the COVID-19 continues throughout the world, including Pakistan and the outbreak has put the economy on hold worldwide, thousands of people have died from the outbreak, and millions of people have succumbed to the outbreak neither any country nor any institution in a position to give end date of this outbreak, till now no people have been counted whose employment has been affected by the outbreak. Like many countries around the world, Pakistan has the status of a government lockdown.

Despite the catastrophic outbreaks of this rapidly spreading COVID-19 in Pakistan, we have to see that a large part of Pakistan’s population is living below the poverty line, whose livelihoods are on a daily basis and who fear that they will die of starvation if they survive from the corona virus. This large part of the population needs food to survive. It is not possible for the government alone to provide food to this large part of the population at the doorstep. Therefore many charitable institutions are in the field and providing ration’s bag to the poor and needy families in this difficult time.

In this emergency situation, TCD’s is also in the field through their dedicated team of volunteers to serve the poor and needy people and their families, and so far TCD’s has provided fifteen days’ ration bags to One Hundred families at the doorstep of their homes (each bag cost of PKR.7,000/-). TCD’s is grateful to all philanthropists who cooperated and supported us in this noble cause. More than that, TCD’s volunteers has also reached to unreached people and families living in remote places and areas with the spirit of humanity and support to the community where humanitarian and charity donors usually don’t go and data has been collected from Fifteen Hundred families who are extremely poor and in need and are also waiting for immediate help.

Last but not least it is also predicted that the lockdown situation may continue further, while the Holy month of Ramadan is also knocking on our doors.  In view of this difficult and painful situation TCD’s appeals to all local, national and international charities and philanthropists to come forward and support us in this difficult time so that we can provide help to the poor and needy families at the doorsteps who are looking for your help and cooperate with us so that we can continue to help such poor and needy people during the Holy month of Ramadan also.

We look forward to your support and assistance.

Thanks and best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Mushtaq Ahmed